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New Logo and Website!

After nearly five years in business, it was time to refocus and refresh. Thankfully I have a great graphics team for creative insights. Take your time and enjoy the new website and please reach out.

Utilities Telecom and Smart Cities

Today I had the chance to speak at the International Wireless Conference and Expo (IWCE) in Las Vegas about a key subject. Smart Cities get a lot of hype and there is certainly no shortage of webinars, summits, articles ... and blogs on the subject. To add my perspective, I spoke at IWCE to an audience of leaders from utilities, cities, development offices and technology providers. Smart Cities are built around the people in those communities.  The systems that enable consumers to be smarter users of energy, water and natural gas and to use renewables sources such as solar energy, should be simple and carefree for consumers. BUT smart communities require smart utilities and real-time communi

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