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Smart City: A Balanced Definition

Recently, I have been asked about the definition of a Smart City. I explain that a smart city can have multiple starting places and usually the definition (which is evolving) includes core components, such as: energy, smart grid, water, wastewater, transportation, communications, education, conservation, renewables, green building, data analytics, etc. But this explanation doesn’t always satisfy my inquirer, so I have decided to dedicate this blog to the topic: What does Smart Cities mean? In a word: Balance. I submit that Smart Cities is to the earth as Tai Chi is to the body. Don’t leave yet… Tai Chi is designed to build strength, improve health and flexibility, reduce stress, increase ene

Utilities May Lead Smart Cities

Smart City initiatives are popping up around the globe. Innovative technologies and services support a plethora of "smart" - smart energy, smart building, smart water, smart homes, smart transportation, smart infrastructure, smart governance, smart education and smart consumer. The list may seem to encompass all  things, and that would be the point. A smart city imitative crosses many facets of services in order to derive the most value. According to some industry analysts, the global smart city technology market is projected to be valued at more than $1.5 trillion in the next five years. Although some utilities in mature markets face challenges from renewable mandates, federal regulations a

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