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Infrastructure Bill Q&A

The issue? America’s infrastructure is crumbling, while some areas saw improvement in the last year others declined. Infrastructure is important to the economy, global competition, and quality of life for our citizens. The American Society of Civil Engineers granted America a D+ grade last year. All infrastructure categories received a C+ or lower; except rail which received a B (see full report card here). Though none received a failing grade, majority of our infrastructures are standing at poor quality. This means that we as citizens are paying more on goods and services, spending more time in transit due to poor roads, and suffering from unreliable utilities. “Our nation’s infrastructure


The utility industry is undergoing a profound change thanks to new “smart” technologies and push for smart cities – this evolution will usher in greater efficiencies and operational control, while assuring communities can grow and reach full potential. These smart devices will require higher levels of interoperability and many communication networks will need device agnostic capabilities. Because unlike older enclosed operational systems, new automation and control systems enable water and waste-water utilities to optimize their operations and gain more efficiencies. Water system analytics allow cities to quickly find and repair leaks underground and monitor the entire system to find leaks b

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