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Video Interviews, Magazine Articles and Speaking Ops

Thought leadership and industry expertise are only obtained through years of listening and learning from others. I've spent the better part of the last 20 years doing just that and this past week at Distributech 2020, I was honored to be described as such in the utility telecommunications and smart cities arena. However, this only means I must continue to listen and learn. If I am to maintain my edge and serve my clients to the high levels they have some to expect, I better keep studying. The utility telecom industry changes quickly and while technologies like AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) have been around for many years, the new communications networks, modules, applications and devices are constantly pushing forward. With broadband, narrowband, LoRA, WI-SUN, and an alphabet-soup of new applications, utility leaders and city officials must feel overwhelmed with any "smart" discussion.

It takes a good part of my week, every week, to stay up to date on all the goings on. However, it is worth the time and energy when I am asked to speak, or be interviewed, or to emcee an event or moderate a panel. You can see some of my interviews and magazine articles on my Resources page, and see where I am speaking and interviewing on the Events page, but if you want to chat just reach out... I love this industry, so it isn't really work.

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