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Greywater Thoughts

As we try to embrace a very rainy ______, I think of the precious resource flowing out of our gutters. Other than it’s first job of watering our plants and yard, I can’t help but think of the benefit it could have collected and used elsewhere. What could greywater do for my daily life? Sink full of dishes … thirsty indoor plants … cleaning off the shoes I’ve had sitting on the back steps for too long now. All these things that don’t need fresh water from my faucet. It recalls the efforts Nashville, TN, has put into utilizing greywater in their Music City Center. If you have not before, I highly recommend looking up their website and reading about their water management. Stormwater runoff is collected and used inside all toilets, urinals, and landscaping. Let’s be honest with ourselves, is it necessary that the toilet bowl have “drinkable” water in it? (I use the quotations because…. well it’s a laughable concept really) I

can personally tell you I did not notice a difference in the water there than anywhere else in Music City.

So why do we need potable water for the septic of our own houses? Is there untapped potential in the real estate business for water conservation efforts? Perhaps we could start small, a simple water barrel in our gardens or a water barrel connected to our downspouts to use for washing cars. Small changes here and there are what could lead us to solving the bigger issue of water conservation.

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