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SWAN Membership - Making Water and Wastewater Systems More Intelligent

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

The Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) is the leading global hub for advancing the use of “smart,” data-driven solutions in water and wastewater networks worldwide. One of SWAN’s primary goals is to increase the awareness about the benefits of adopting smart water and wastewater solutions.

From scarcity to flood control, a smarter water infrastructure, with a secure, resilient communications network at its core, will be key to overcoming the many threats to our global water supply. Emerging smart technologies have the potential to help water utilities deliver cleaner water at a lower cost while getting paid for every drop. A new national focus on innovative technology in the water sector could help to provide financial incentives for development and deployment of more efficient, higher-performing water infrastructure. Water utilities are faced with challenges, including of increasing demand, falling revenues and climate change. While building new assets remains part of the solution, enhancing the performance of existing assets is more important than ever before for this critical infrastructure.

Working with groups like the SWAN Alliance allows me and other industry leaders to share knowledge and best practices for smart water infrastructure. New smart water networks - with next-generation collection devices and predictive analytics over secure telecommunications - offer water utilities the ability to gain actionable business insights from disparate data gathered into a single, meaningful snapshot of the entire water ecosystem. This resilient and reliable connectivity allows a user to gain insight on the operational systems which can drive greater efficiency, performance predictability, maintenance planning and optimization of the workforce. I look forward to engaging with SWAN and continuing my passion for global water security.

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