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Stressed Out Grid 

Electric grid resilience is a buzz word of late, along with data centers and EV charging stations. What they all have in common is their effect on one another. More data centers and EV charging stations are putting higher demand on our electric grid and the resilience of our grid will affect the performance of data centers and EV stations. But one thing is for sure, we can have nothing without the grid. If we push the demand to the point it cannot supply enough electricity then everything will be made useless.

In a recent opinion piece for Fox News, Jim Matheson states “From data centers to EVs, from home heating and cooling to the way we run America’s farms, our nation is increasingly reliant on electricity to power the economy. That trend is set to grow dramatically in coming years.” It would seem we are getting ahead of ourselves and ahead of our electric grid. More and more demand are going online across the nation while generation is slow to be built and even slower to go online, and as Matheson mentions in that article, renewable resources are only part of the solution “since the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine.”

Bridging the gap between demand and supply is going to take more work than just solar farms.  

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