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Preparing for the SWAN Forum 2021

Great promo video published by the SWAN Forum to highlight the upcoming conference. I am honored to be the Outreach Committee Chair for the SWAN Americas Alliance. Utilities of all sizes will benefit from the educational and collaborative spirit of the SWAN Forum. Check out this video and if you are interested in joining SWAN, please contact me or click here:

Book your seat at the leading global smart water/wastewater of the year! The SWAN 11th Annual Conference will take place from May 24-28, 2021, as part of the first ever, Virtual Smart Water Week focusing on "Redefining Smart Water." Last year's Conference attracted over 70 unique utilities from 30 countries. Stay tuned for the agenda to be published very soon!

For more information and to register:

SWAN 2021 will be held in your own home offices. Shoes optional, but good vibes are required :-) See you then!

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