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On the road again!

What a great feeling to be traveling without masks and fear to see colleagues and meeting new clients around the world once again! I have been traveling across the USA all this year but am about to embark on the first international travel since late 2019... and I am so excited!

Global competitive intelligence is the foundation of my business and to know the utility market I so proudly serve, I must engage personally and learn all I can. This is much easier to accomplish in person than on webinars and conference calls. Next month I will participate in the Enlit Africa conference in Cape Town. My objectives for the event are varied but they include serving as an envoy from North Carolina. Working with organizations like NC Economic Development Partnership, USAiD and PowerAfrica, I have the chance to share and learn with the goal of bringing clean water, green energy and wireless connectivity to all.

I will also be blessed to serve two ministries in South Africa and to support their Christian missions to keep kids off drugs and out of gangs and to grow and nurture their communities. I hope you will keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we travel and when I return I will post all the good things that happened in South Africa!

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