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How do we hold a positive attitude through all this?

COVID-19, Lock-downs, Layoffs, Riots, Anger, Hatred, Fear.... these things are taking a toll on our spirits and manifesting in poor physical and mental health. As a small business owner I know how hard these last several months have been. The first week of March, I flew home from a utility conference and had several prospective new clients...things were great! I was feeling happy! I am generally a very positive and up-beat person...Then WHAM-O!

Masks, solitude, silence, fear... no more hugs, no more smiles, no more handshakes.

I was not alone in these circumstances... around the world, billions were feeling the same, and worse. At least I was blessed with good health, a loving family, dear friends and wonderful clients offering support and a little laughter when possible. But even for a very positive person like me, this was awful. I found myself sad, depressed, unmotivated, and struggling to maintain my positive attitude. Not knowing when this mess would end, how we would get back to business? Not knowing what the future will hold has made things even harder. After all, we can endure almost anything if we know there is an end in sight.

Like others, I turned to the best place I knew for help....prayer.

(if you stop reading now, you'll miss the best part) I am a Christian, believing in the power of prayer. I have seen the manifestations of God's love and power throughout my life and around the world.

I also have dear friends of other faiths who have witnessed the same peace and answered prayers.

Are we different, yes. Is there bad in the world, yes! Do we need a miracle, yes. Can we all come together and pray for one? YES!

There are so many peaceful religions across our world. This gives me hope. The media may like to show the ugly and worst of humanity, but the good still out-weights the bad. There are still people singing to each other; there are still people taking food to shut-ins; there are still police and firemen willing to sacrifice themselves to save others; there are still caregivers looking after the sick and elderly; there are still individuals like me sitting in their homes praying.

My message is to hold on to positive things and it goes out to you all today. There is still HOPE.

Don't give in to despair or anger... yes, this blog is for ME and for YOU too.

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