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EDWOSB Certified!

After a long and arduous 8-month process, I am happy to announce that Smart Water Smart City, LLC has been awarded certification by a third-party certifier to the Small Business Administration as an Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (EDWOSB). So why go through this? We know that government contracts and many companies are required to open contracts to EDWOSB entities and while this should never be the main reason to select a supplier, it should be considered.

When I began SWSC in 2014, I had no idea it would be a permanent situation or would grow into a globally recognized utility industry resource. My Fractional CMO services are focused on the utilities industry with particular expertise in smart networks and technologies for water, electric and gas utilities. This in itself sets us apart from other marketing consultants. We don't believe all marketing is the same or just any marketing person is fine for this industry. We have spend years researching drivers and challenges of the utility industry: from grid modernization to water reuse to smarter industrial IoT devices and LTE Networks.

Can we do great marketing for other industries, sure! But do we want to, not really!

We stay in our niche area of expertise so we can dedicate ourselves to staying up to date on technologies, policies, and use cases that support utilities telecommunication infrastructure. Will the EDWOSB certification drive new business for SWSC? I hope so. But we will not deviate from our path to offer the very best in Fractional CMO Services to support smarter communities, smarter utilities and smarter technologies around the world.

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