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“Beyond Water” Documentary

There is a wonderful organization based in Boone, NC, called Wine to Water that has been bringing clean water to communities in dire need. From the Amazon to Nepal. They have recently come out with a beautifully filmed documentary that shows the impact of clean water not just on whole communities but on individual lives.

The founder of Wine to Water, Doc Hendley, stated in the documentary, “I had no idea there were women and kids walking four or five hours every single day to get something that I have coming right out of my tap that I’ve never thought twice about.” How many of us reading this can relate to that statement? We wake up not wondering where our water is coming from or even if there will be water.

He brought it home with a staggering statistic, “I had no clue the number one killer of children; the number one reason why a child, even today, is not going to make it to the age of five in the world is because of dirty water. I had no idea.”

If you have not watched the documentary, I highly recommend you do and take the time to watch the impact of water. “I have no idea how much it is going to take, but we need to work here.” -Roshani, Wine to Water-Nepal.

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