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Global Water Summit 2018

The arrival of new telecom and communicating technologies, business drivers and finance challenges are blurring the edges of the utilities sector and empowering the global industry to connect, innovate, and rethink the way it does business. Make no mistake--Smart Water, Smart City (SWSC) leaders are at the forefront of these conversations and being invited to speak on the global stage. One example of our thought leadership came at the Global Water Summit in Paris, France April 15-18, 2018. The theme of the event was “Transcending Boundaries” and certainly we have been doing this as to stretch our expertise across utility types. Renowned for its high-level attendance and thought-leading content, the Global Water Summit attracted top water leaders and business executives from around the world.

Telecom sits at the crossroads of utility issues -for electric, gas & water utilities of all shapes and sizes. SWSC is dedicated to helping to drive performance and generate new opportunities for organizations who are ready to build and engage with the new telecom models and new technology stakeholders. At the Paris Global Water Summit, SWSC Founder & CEO Bobbi Harris spoke about water telecommunication infrastructure and the various types, drivers and challenges of telecom infrastructure for smart water utilities. With real-world examples from utilities in the USA and beyond, Ms. Harris shared the pros and cons of various types of telecom networks as well as key elements to consider such as cybersecutiry, data analytics and two-way, real-time telecommunications use cases. She looked at how is the migration of new and disruptive technologies of the digital revolution are impacting utility and technological development. Ms. Harris also discussed real utility examples of how smart water infrastructure leads to smart community growth, business development and consumer engagement. Ms. Harris is also speaking at the UTC Telecom & Technology conference in Palm Springs and the African Utility Week event in Cape Town, South Africa in May.

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